Energy Industry: Solar photovoltaic cell TCO coating series equipment

Construction Industry: Offline sunlight control coated glass series equipment

Automotive Industry: Full production line of car rearview mirror

Automotive lamp head interior decoration coating equipment

Molybdenum aluminum molybdenum capacitive screen glass coating equipment

High-grade environmentally friendly silver mirror production line and a full set of technology

Color mirror production line and complete production technology

Mobile phone panel coating equipment and a full set of technologies

Zhaoqing Kerun Vacuum Equipment Co. , a technology-based diversified companythat specialized in the manufacturing of vacuum equipment,glass deep-processing equipmentand related hi-tech coating equipment etc. Our products include vacuum coating machine, vacuum coating equipment, silver mirror production line, etc. The company has collected outstanding personneland talents that have more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing ofvacuum equipments as well as rich experience in coating field. Besides, Kerun has invitedexperts to join the Vacuum Coating R&D centre which target at developing the most advancedvacuum coating equipment. Kerun possess a variety of large-scale processing equipmentsand has made extensive technical cooperation with many world famous companies,thereforethe manufacturing technology level of Kerun marks in the forefront in China market and keepsthe same level with that of international standard.
Kerun has six branch companies in China that mainly engaged in the manufacturing of Low-E glass,tinted decorative glass,coating of touch-screen panel,surface coating ofdecoration and optical elements coating etc. So Kerun is able to provide customers with thebest learning platform for cultivating talents.
The company has the advanced international level of high-grade silver-mirror glasscoating line and the market share reaches more than 90% in Chinese market. Moreover,theequipment has been successfully exported to more than 20 countries including European andAmerican markets and enjoys high reputation so far.
Behold our tenet of Technological innovation, Advanced technology, Superior quality,Attentive service', Kerun is dedicated to bringing more wealth to customers with its mostadvance technology and equipment.

  • Working principle of vacuum ion coating equipment

    Vacuum ion plating equipment is a device that uses a high-voltage electric field to accelerate ion beams and make them hit the surface of an object, thereby forming a thin film. Its working principle can be divided into three parts, namely vacuum system, ion source and target.

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  • What are the common faults of vacuum coating machine? Be sure to pay attention!

    After the failure of the vacuum coating machine, the user should first grasp the status of the failure, and then start to observe the failure in person, so that the failure can be cleared more accurately, faster and more effectively.


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