​What pre-processing work is required before lamp coating?


Lamp coating is to protect the car's headlight cover and make it more durable and bright. Before car light coating, some pretreatment work needs to be done to ensure the adhesion and effect of the film. The following will introduce in detail the pretreatment 1 work before car light coating.

1. Clean the car lights: Before coating the car lights, you first need to clean the car lights thoroughly to remove the dirt and impurities on them. You can use a special car cleaner or car wash wave to scrub the surface of the lampshade with a brush or sponge to remove stains and oil. During the cleaning process, be careful not to use a brush that is too hard to avoid scratching the surface of the lampshade. After cleaning is completed, rinse thoroughly with clean water to ensure that the surface of the lampshade is clean and unobstructed.

2. Wipe and dry: After cleaning, you need to use a clean dry towel or paper towel to wipe and dry the surface of the car light. This can remove residual water droplets and stains, ensuring that the surface of the lampshade is clean and dust-free.

3. Remove oil stains: Sometimes, there may be some oil stains attached to the surface of the car lights, requiring more thorough cleaning. You can use car degreaser or solvents such as acetone. First apply the oil stain on a soft cloth, and then wipe the surface of the lampshade with the cloth. Pay attention to safety when handling oil stains and avoid contact of solvents with eyes or skin.

4. Remove scratches: If there are scratches on the surface of the car lights, you can use abrasive paste or abrasive discs to repair them. Apply an appropriate amount of abrasive paste to the scratched area, and use the abrasive disc to grind in a certain direction until the scratch is repaired. When using abrasive paste, pay attention to the correct usage method to avoid further damage to the surface of the lampshade.

5. Prevent oxidation: Before car lights are coated, you can also use professional car light maintenance products to prevent oxidation. Such products generally contain preservatives such as fluorine, which can improve the durability of the lampshade and reduce the possibility of oxidation.

6. Coating: After the pre-treatment of the car lights is completed, the car lights can be coated. According to different coating products and instructions for use, apply the film evenly on the surface of the lampshade. Some products require a special brush to apply evenly, while others can be applied with a spray or cloth. When applying the film, be sure to apply it evenly to avoid accumulation or shedding.

7. Drying: After applying the film, the car lights need to be left for a period of time to dry. This allows the film to adhere better to the shade surface and improves effectiveness and durability.

8. Check the effect: Finally, you need to check the effect of the car light coating. You should check whether the surface of the lampshade is evenly applied and shiny. The effect of the coating can be judged by light exposure or light reflection. If uneven application or peeling is found, it can be processed or repaired again.

In summary, pretreatment before lamp coating is very important, as it is directly related to the coating effect and durability. Through thorough cleaning, removal of oil stains, repair of scratches, and anti-oxidation treatment, the effect and protection of the car light coating can be effectively improved. Be careful to use appropriate cleaning agents and tools, follow operating procedures, and ensure safety.

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