​Vacuum equipment preventive maintenance


When it is necessary to repair the vacuum pump, you must first cut off the connecting pipe of the mechanical vacuum pump, ensure that the mechanical vacuum pump has been ventilated to atmospheric pressure, and then let the mechanical vacuum pump cool down. You can first release the vacuum pump in the pump, drain the oil in the pump and cool it for 20 minutes before disassembling it. Mechanical vacuum pump.

Preventive maintenance of vacuum equipment refers to predetermining the condition of the equipment and performing maintenance based on the equipment's operating cycle and frequency of use.

There are two specific methods of preventive maintenance. One is regular preventive maintenance, that is, the vacuum equipment is inspected according to the equipment wear cycle plan; the other is condition maintenance. That is to monitor the status of the equipment and discover hidden dangers or potential faults. Arrange timely maintenance in a timely manner to nip failures in the bud.

Another form of preventive maintenance is opportunistic maintenance. That is to say, preventive maintenance can be carried out by taking advantage of production off-season holidays, weekends, or opportunities for upstream and downstream shutdowns for maintenance. The "opportunity" of opportunity repair can appropriately extend the maintenance cycle, or appropriately shorten the maintenance cycle. It has been proven that this extension or shortening will not cause significant damage to the equipment. This kind of preventive maintenance is also called opportunistic maintenance. No matter which maintenance method is adopted, it must be dealt with before the equipment fails to avoid the occurrence of failure.

At the same time, preventive maintenance of vacuum equipment can reduce and avoid unexpected shutdowns. Currently, most companies organize production according to orders, and customers have very strict delivery requirements. On-time and zero inventory have become typical features of lean production companies. Since the vacuum equipment - once the equipment is shut down, a certain production process will inevitably be affected, and this order will be affected, which will cause great damage to the interests and reputation of the company. Its importance lies in preventing large amounts of unplanned downtime and ensuring on-time delivery through preventive maintenance.

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