What are the common faults of vacuum coating machine? Be sure to pay attention!


After the failure of the vacuum coating machine, the user should first grasp the status of the failure, and then start to observe the failure in person, so that the failure can be cleared more accurately, faster and more effectively. 

To clear the fault, first check whether the low vacuum pump is normal (vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, pipeline, lower chamber, volatilization chamber), open the main valve after the low vacuum pump is normal, and check whether the lower chamber vacuum pump is normal after the main pump is normal. Normally, the lower chamber vacuum pump normally opens the high valve to carry out the high vacuum pump inspection and leak detection, until the vacuum pump, the limit value vacuum pump, the vacuum pump, and the repair vacuum pump are completed, such as the limit value vacuum pump and the vacuum pump are normal, and the vacuum pump and the vacuum abnormality are repaired. It is very likely that there is something wrong with the main valve. 

Today, we will give some examples of common faults and solutions in the whole process of vacuum coating machine application. 

>>1 When the film has been coated, the vacuum value suddenly decreases. 

1. The sealing ring of the volatilization source water channel is damaged (removing the sealing ring) 

2. The pot is pierced (removing the pot) 

3. The sealing part of the high voltage level is penetrated ( Removal and replacement of the sealing ring) 

4. Damage to the sealing ring at the work-rotating seal (removal and replacement of the sealing ring) 

5. The sudden closing of the pre-valve may be the damage of the 5/2-way valve (replacement of the 5/2-way valve) 

6. The high valve suddenly closed It may be that the two-position five-way valve is damaged (replace the two-position five-way valve) when it is turned off. 

7. When the vacuum pump is turned off, the solenoid valve may be broken (check whether the solenoid valve is normal). 

8. The electrical level seal of the baked lead wire is penetrated (remove and replace the sealing ring)

9. Destruction of the sealing ring at the dynamic seal of the partition (removing and replacing the sealing ring) 

10. Cracks and bursts in the observation mirror of the laminated glass (removing and replacing the laminated glass) vacuum coating machine 

>>2 The vacuum packaging time of the coating machine is too long, and it cannot reach the vacuum pump, repair the vacuum pump, limit the vacuum pump, and keep the vacuum 

1. There is a lot of smoke in the volatilization chamber (should be cleaned) 

2. The diffusion pump has not changed the oil for a long time (should be cleaned Xian oil change) 

3. The pressure of the reverse gas in the front pump is very high, and the vacuum value of the vacuum pump is too low (the oil should be cleaned and changed) 

4. Each dynamic sealant ring is damaged (removal and replacement of the seal ring) 

5. Because the long-term ambient temperature of the volatilization chamber is too high Make each sealant ring old (remove and replace the seal ring) 

6. Whether the sealing ring of each inlet water channel of the volatilization chamber is damaged (replace the seal ring) 

7. Whether the screws and nuts of each inlet seat have fallen off (again Tighten) 

8. How many pre-valves are reliable in tightness (refueling)

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