Understand the environmental requirements required by the magnetron vacuum coating machine


The magnetron vacuum coating machine must work in a vacuum environment, so the equipment must meet the requirements of the vacuum pump for the natural environment. The regulations on the natural environment of the vacuum pump generally include the regulations on the surrounding environment such as the temperature of the laboratory (or production workshop) where the vacuum pump is located, the particles in the air, and the regulations on the parts or surfaces in the vacuum environment or in the vacuum pump. 2 level. 

These two fields are closely related. The advantages and disadvantages of the surrounding environment can directly endanger the conventional application of the magnetron vacuum coating machine; and whether the vacuum system of the vacuum pump equipment or the parts installed in it are cleaned, and directly endanger the characteristics of the equipment. If there is a lot of steam and dust in the air, it is difficult to get the estimated vacuum value by using the oil-sealed vacuum pump to vacuumize the vacuum system without clearing it. The sealing ring type vacuum pump is not suitable for pumping out the vapor with particulate dust that corrodes the alloy and reflects the vacuum pump oil. Water vapor is a condensable gas. When a lot of condensable gas is extracted, the environmental pollution of the oil valve will be more serious. As a result, the vacuum pump of the pump will be lowered and the suction characteristics of the pump will be destroyed. 

The smoke and dust in the indoor environment of industrial production are determined by powder, eye untitled, and smoke. Powders are chemical substances in the form of a combination or dispersion of powder or liquid particles. The powder form refers to the combination of fine solid particles, and the particles refer to the fine chemical substances that can be counted one by one. Thick smoke is a chemical substance management system in which fine particles of liquid or solution appear in the air in the form of floating. Chemical substances, whether solid or liquid, are generally referred to as fine particles if they are in the form of particles. The specification of the gas cleanliness is determined by the diameter of the dust particles, and then the level of the clean room is customized. Not only for industrial sectors with clean regulations, but also for vacuum pumps to clean the natural environment.