Causes and solutions of falling film in vacuum coating


Vacuum coating machine technology is a novel new technology application of raw material generation and production processing, and it is a key component of the field of metal surface treatment technology.
The technology of vacuum coating machine is to use physical and organic chemical methods to coat the solid surface with a layer of coating with unique characteristics, so that the solid surface has many advantages better than the solid raw materials, such as wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, electromagnetic radiation prevention, conductivity, magnetic absorption, insulation layer and decorative design, so as to improve the product quality, increase the service life of goods The effect of saving resources and obtaining obvious technical economic benefits. Therefore, the technology of vacuum coating machine is called one of the key technologies with more development prospects, and has shown a tempting industry prospect in the development trend of high-tech industry.
Its key is the coating of the surface layer carried out under high vacuum value. There are also many application fields, such as vehicles, diagnosis and treatment, transportation, mechanical equipment, service items, and now the coating equipment that is very close to everyone's daily life.
Vacuum coating machine equipment is a key part of surface coating industrial production. Without excellent and efficient surface coating equipment, there will be no intelligent surface coating industrial production.
Vacuum coating will encounter the condition of falling film. The cause of that condition depends on where and how to deal with this problem?
1. Surface cleanliness
The cleanliness level of the surface of the commodity is insufficient, so it can be considered that the argon gas becomes larger and takes a long time to clean the ion source.
2. Clean up the problems in the whole process
The cleaning before plating is not timely, or the cleaning solution is replaced.
3. Difficulties in processing technology
Whether there are changes in the main parameters of the processing technology, make appropriate adjustments in the coating time and current amount of the surface layer.